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Multiceras is a World Leading Company specialized in the design, production and commercialization of natural, synthetic and petroleum waxes. We are the world’s number one manufacturer and exporter of Candelilla wax.

Candelilla wax comes from the plant of the same name that grows in the Chihuahuan Desert, which occupies part of the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Zacatecas, Durango and San Luis Potosí, in Mexico.

The Candelilla Wax is recognized by the United States FDA – GRAS (Generally Recognized as safe), as well as by Japan’s JSFA (Japanese Standards for Food Additives), as a safe natural substance for its application in the food industry.


Candelilla REAL®是一种坚硬,稳定,有保护性,有可塑性,易模压的100%天然蜡。颜色有从淡黄到偏棕色,其表面具有丰富的光泽度,从而可以被用在一些特殊用途,也是小烛树蜡独居的,广受爱戴的一种特质。
Candelilla REAL® is a hard, stable, protective, plastic, easily moldable, 100% natural wax. Its color varies from light yellow to medium brown, and its surface can reach high levels of brightness, which, for some specialty applications, is one of the most appreciated/coveted/valued properties of the Candelilla Wax.

Due to its great compatibility with other ingredients, the Candelilla wax has a wide variety of applications, being mainly used in the manufacture of personal care products, cosmetics, inks and coatings.


产品 / Product   : 小烛树蜡 / Candelilla Wax

公司 / Company : 蝶理(中国)商業有限公司 / Chori (China) Co., Ltd.

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